Fashion Changing Lives: Project 1127

For decades, garment factories, especially in other countries besides the United States, have been brought to the attention of the public for unsafe working conditions. While consumers buy products from companies for hundreds of dollars, the workers who create those products get a small fraction of that money. The workers often work in run down building that pose a variety of risks.

One inspiring company, started by Laura Siegel, is working to sell scarves to benefit the loss of 1,127 workers in a 2013 accident. A garment factory, known as Rana Plaza, in Bangladesh, collapsed, killing 1,127 people inside; after being said to have known structural issues. Siegel is using her scarf company to bring awareness to the dangers of other factories similar to Rana Plaza in the Southeast Asian region.

The message behind these scarves is very touching. Siegel’s goal is to sell 1,127 scarves to remember each of the victims lost in the accident. The proceeds from each scarf go to benefit families affected first-hand by the Rana Plaza collapse.


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From a public relations take on this, I think that there should be more companies who strive to do similar actions to bring up awareness. The beneficial company is driving a handful of great publicity to the company and the issues of garment factories. I think by doing something to give back to those affected by this issue can be something the fashion industry needs. Not only do these products give back to those affected, they bring up discussion on the garment industry and its factories.

Companies should look more into giving proceeds or creating products to raise awareness on subjects the world should be more aware of.

As for Project 1127, they are hoping to launch another set of 1,127 limited edition scarves to continue to help and encourage discussion. I am excited to see what this company can achieve in the future.

Reference: Project 1127’s Handmade Scarves Honor the 1,127 Victims of the Rana Plaza Collapse


The Death of Prince & Impacting the Fashion Industry

On April 21, 2016, people worldwide mourned the death of one of the most iconic musicians, Prince. For what seems like the majority of his 35-year music career, Prince essentially blurred fashion lines between male and female with his daily garb.

Not only was he a music icon, but he was also a fashion icon to many. He is remembered as wearing “Victorian peasant blouses, sequins, and a seemingly bottomless pool of purple, to cull a distinct rock god look” that inspired many to break the same fashion boundaries. Though these looks are not traditionally seen on men, they inspired other musicians such as Kanye West.

He also wore a variety of hairstyles that could be for either a man or woman. Prince notably once sang “I’m not a woman, I’m not a man/I am something that you’ll never understand,” which emphasizes music and fashion need no gender; and if it does, he does not care to pick a side. To say the least, it seemed there was no fashion trend that Prince wouldn’t shy away from.


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The way that Prince dressed and presented himself in the public eye was initially a bold move in the beginning of his career. Although Prince gave off a care free vibe for the duration of his career, his choices created a personal image unlike many other musicians and icons for the past three and a half decades. From a PR standpoint, Prince is an inspiring example of good personal branding because he was successful in how he presented himself by showing off his uniqueness.

While the world continues to grieve over the death of Prince, he will forever live on through “Purple Rain” and his undeniably good sense of fashion. I have no doubt that his memory will continue to inspire for years to come.

Reference: Vogue’s His Purple Reign Will Endure Forever: Prince as Fashion Icon

Unisex Clothing Changing the Industry

For as long as I can remember, the fashion industry has prominently been represented by female models. Earlier this year, Louis Vuitton turned heads when they announced that Jaden Smith would be the new face of the Spring and Summer 2016 collections of the company.

Jaden Smith worked with three other female models to showcase handbags and clothing from the line. The commercial below, created by Bruce Weber, uses interesting film techniques to show off the new line. Although I do think the commercial is great, I think that they could have done a better job showing more of Jaden Smith in the clothing.

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I already saw Jaden Smith as someone who broke social barriers and freely expressed himself among social media.While many people I know saw his strange outfit choices as something extremely weird and out of the ordinary, I think he is bold for creating a personal brand that is different than any other of his generation. I love to see that Jaden Smith is challenging gender norms within the fashion industry.

From a PR standpoint, I think that this is a bold, yet great, move for Louis Vuitton to make. I think it is a step in the right direction for a high-end fashion line to promote unisex fashion. The campaign initially sparked a lot of buzz from a variety of sources. Since this is seen as a controversial move, it can generate publicity for the company.

I am excited to see more advertisements from Louis Vuitton and Bruce Weber as the season approaches. I think that there will be more publicity as more marketing comes from the company. I am also very curious to see if more companies in general will be leaning towards creating more unisex fashion.

What do you think about Louis Vuitton’s choice to use a male celebrity for a female clothing line? Let me know in the comments below.

The New York Times Jaden Smith for Louis Vuitton: The New Man in a Skirt 

Introduction to Fashion Through PR Eyes

Since I decided to become a PR major at the University of Oregon, I had always been questioning what industry I would like to eventually go into. After two years of thinking about my passions, I would love to learn more about the fashion industry and the PR industry; which is why I am writing this blog.

My goal for this blog is to effectively connect the two topics of fashion and the PR industry. I hope this blog can serve as a reference for people who are also interested in the fashion industry as aspiring PR professionals.

Over the course of this term, I will be writing about the latest news going on in the fashion industry worldwide and relating it to various PR tactics and information. I have learned that blogs can serve as a great way to explore and connect with others around the world whom are interested in the same topics. I’d like to use this blog to expand and examine the branch of fashion and PR.

All of that being said, welcome to Fashion Behind PR Eyes! I hope you stick around for more.