Louis Vuitton: Making More than Just a Fashion Statement


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Currently, there is a lot going on the Brazil, generally speaking. Residents are fighting the Zika epidemic, preparing for the Summer Olympics and handling a range of political issues. Although these issues were no match for European designer Louis Vuitton; whom is the first European designer to hold a fashion shown in the country. The chief direction of LV, Michael Burke, said “We are not going to drop everything and run at the first sign of crisis;” which serves as great publicity and courage from the company.

Last year, the company had announced that they were going to hold a fashion show in the city of Rio. Despite what has been happening in the country, the designer did not cancel their show and kept their word.

The company also has great word-of-mouth generate publicity, as well. In the article, the chief director continues to explain that those who attend shows like the one in Rio, will return home and tell handfuls of people about the products that they saw; generating a buzz among communities.

Despite what has been going on in Brazil, as a whole, Louis Vuitton made a bold move to hold a catwalk fashion show in Rio. In my opinion, the company and the celebrities that attended are showing their support for the country. Overall, this served as great publicity for the company, the country and those who attended.

Source: The New York Times Louis Vuitton Makes a Statement, Fashion and Political, in Rio


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