Weighing in on Gender Roles

For women, there seems to be many more beauty and societal standards than for men; especially for women in the public eye. For example, the Kardashian family has always been criticized for their weight, beauty and all other things seen to the world.

Robert Kardashian, the youngest brother of the Kardashian clan was previously MIA for his weight gain and mental health issues. The star was battling depression and he was also close to developing diabetes. For him, his sisters and the public pitied him.

On the other hand, when Kim Kardashian was pregnant for the second time last year, her pregnancy weight gain was picked apart by the media. She was thought to have gained too much weight during her pregnancy, despite carrying a child.


Photo One SourcePhoto Two Source

I personally see these gender roles disgusting. How is it that a man can be pitied for his weight gain, but a woman is criticized? From a personal image and personal branding outlook, I think that the way both handled the negativity was well-done. They each kept to themselves and seemingly didn’t let it get to them.

As far as the websites and gossip magazines that judged mainly Kim, they need to work on a few things. It shouldn’t be okay for people to publicly discuss the weight gain of a woman, whether it is Kim Kardashian or another celebrity. This is a poor showcase of the publications publicity and extremely distasteful.


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