Going Braless to Support AIDS

Bella Hadid, 19-year-old American fashion model, strut her stuff earlier this month at the amfAR’s 23rd Cinema Against AIDS Gala. The model has been making headlines recently with her daring wear on and off the runway.

Although this gala was to support AIDS, when I read that Hadid went braless for a good cause, I thought it would be in support for breast cancer. I think overall what amfAR continues to do is amazing, but they should target fashion trends more towards the cause in order to showcase their ongoing support. For example, the color for the AIDS cause is red; therefore if the gala presented models in red clothing or having red accents, it would be more apparent that it is in support of AIDs.

From a PR standpoint, I think that fashion companies should continue to support causes like AIDS. When fashion models show support and wear daring outfits, it serves as good publicity to the public eye. Many people look up to these men and women, especially for fashion inspiration, therefore public support can be very beneficial in informing the public about important issues.


Photo Source

Source: Yahoo’s Bella Hadid Goes Braless for a Good Cause


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