The Road of Fashion Hitting a New Curve

Fashion has always been criticized for the use of skinny-mini models and exclusive sizing. As a young girl growing up in the 2000s, some of my beauty role models included Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan. While they stood out to me because of their talent, I always noticed that they were fairly thin, which eventually gave me the perception that I need to be also once I was a teenager.

I think that a lot of celebrities are continuously picked apart for their figure and brand in the public eye. Although it may be a personal choice to stay fit and thin, it can give young girls and women beauty standards they believe they should uphold.

Recently, Kim Kardashian has been seen to challenge body image boundaries in the fashion and entertainment industry. At the Met Gala earlier this week, she rocked a beautiful Balmain dress. The Balmain designer has set out to create more designer fashion that empowers women. While Kardashian-West may not be seen as a talented woman, she is an inspiring figure to look towards because she embraces her curvy body.



With fashion constantly changing, there was also recent discussion that “Fall 2016 Fashion Week confirms that other designers are joining in a more diverse celebration of women, no matter their weight, height, or waist-to-hip ratio.”

I am glad to see that there is now starting to be changes in the fashion industry and that we can expect to see more curvy-embracing fashion. In my opinion, I think this can be vital in helping your personal image. Yes, it is important to dress professionally, but it is also important to embrace what you have. I think with a more positive outlook on the fashion industry and body shapes, there can be more effort and power put into your personal brand and what you can accomplish professionally.

Source: Vogue’s Kanye West on Why Kim Kardashian West Is Breaking Body Image Boundaries


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