Marijuana Blazing a Fashionable Trail

In recent years, marijuana has been in a big topic of conversation in social and political discussions. While it is legal for recreational use in Washington State, Colorado and Oregon, it is still illegal everywhere else.

I was scrolling through Huffington Post’s business section online, when I came across an article about how the marijuana industry is making its impact on the fashion industry. Apparently the company entitled “PUFF PUFF PASS” is designing a new line to transform the “stoner” fashion. According to Huffington Business, PUFF PUFF PASS can be described as “[…] a luxury lifestyle brand rooted in the current modern youth culture celebrating the marijuana movement sweeping the US and the World.”


While I am all through self-expression, especially with fashion, I am not so sure on the idea of the marijuana culture intertwined with the fashion culture. From a PR perspective and looking at personal image and branding, I don’t think wearing this apparel can do you any good.

Yes, marijuana for recreational use is legal in Oregon, I don’t think you should visually showcase that you participate in those activities because you don’t know who you will run into or what this can say about you and your personal image.

I think it is a fuzzy line because since drugs are a touchy, controversial subject with anyone, it is best to stray away from wearing any apparel that is related. Some jobs are not okay with drug usage, even if legal, and this could interfere. Overall, I think for your personal image and branding, it is best to stay away from any marijuana-related clothing because it can give others an inaccurate representation of who you are and what you stand for.

Reference: Huffpost Business Fashion Feels the Burn



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