Fashion Changing Lives: Project 1127

For decades, garment factories, especially in other countries besides the United States, have been brought to the attention of the public for unsafe working conditions. While consumers buy products from companies for hundreds of dollars, the workers who create those products get a small fraction of that money. The workers often work in run down building that pose a variety of risks.

One inspiring company, started by Laura Siegel, is working to sell scarves to benefit the loss of 1,127 workers in a 2013 accident. A garment factory, known as Rana Plaza, in Bangladesh, collapsed, killing 1,127 people inside; after being said to have known structural issues. Siegel is using her scarf company to bring awareness to the dangers of other factories similar to Rana Plaza in the Southeast Asian region.

The message behind these scarves is very touching. Siegel’s goal is to sell 1,127 scarves to remember each of the victims lost in the accident. The proceeds from each scarf go to benefit families affected first-hand by the Rana Plaza collapse.


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From a public relations take on this, I think that there should be more companies who strive to do similar actions to bring up awareness. The beneficial company is driving a handful of great publicity to the company and the issues of garment factories. I think by doing something to give back to those affected by this issue can be something the fashion industry needs. Not only do these products give back to those affected, they bring up discussion on the garment industry and its factories.

Companies should look more into giving proceeds or creating products to raise awareness on subjects the world should be more aware of.

As for Project 1127, they are hoping to launch another set of 1,127 limited edition scarves to continue to help and encourage discussion. I am excited to see what this company can achieve in the future.

Reference: Project 1127’s Handmade Scarves Honor the 1,127 Victims of the Rana Plaza Collapse


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