Introduction to Fashion Through PR Eyes

Since I decided to become a PR major at the University of Oregon, I had always been questioning what industry I would like to eventually go into. After two years of thinking about my passions, I would love to learn more about the fashion industry and the PR industry; which is why I am writing this blog.

My goal for this blog is to effectively connect the two topics of fashion and the PR industry. I hope this blog can serve as a reference for people who are also interested in the fashion industry as aspiring PR professionals.

Over the course of this term, I will be writing about the latest news going on in the fashion industry worldwide and relating it to various PR tactics and information. I have learned that blogs can serve as a great way to explore and connect with others around the world whom are interested in the same topics. I’d like to use this blog to expand and examine the branch of fashion and PR.

All of that being said, welcome to Fashion Behind PR Eyes! I hope you stick around for more.





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