Louis Vuitton: Making More than Just a Fashion Statement


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Currently, there is a lot going on the Brazil, generally speaking. Residents are fighting the Zika epidemic, preparing for the Summer Olympics and handling a range of political issues. Although these issues were no match for European designer Louis Vuitton; whom is the first European designer to hold a fashion shown in the country. The chief direction of LV, Michael Burke, said “We are not going to drop everything and run at the first sign of crisis;” which serves as great publicity and courage from the company.

Last year, the company had announced that they were going to hold a fashion show in the city of Rio. Despite what has been happening in the country, the designer did not cancel their show and kept their word.

The company also has great word-of-mouth generate publicity, as well. In the article, the chief director continues to explain that those who attend shows like the one in Rio, will return home and tell handfuls of people about the products that they saw; generating a buzz among communities.

Despite what has been going on in Brazil, as a whole, Louis Vuitton made a bold move to hold a catwalk fashion show in Rio. In my opinion, the company and the celebrities that attended are showing their support for the country. Overall, this served as great publicity for the company, the country and those who attended.

Source: The New York Times Louis Vuitton Makes a Statement, Fashion and Political, in Rio


Kohl’s Continues the Laughter with PR Strategies

Last week, a viral video was seen on what seemed like everyone’s Facebook timeline. The video was of a mother sitting in her car and showing off her new Chewbacca mask she’d purchased at the large retailer Kohl’s. Her contagious laugh drew attention to the video from many worldwide, even from the company itself.



As a follow up to Candace Payne’s video, Kohl’s had a surprising response. A representative from the company visited Payne’s home and gave her a handful of goodie; those of which included “[…] a Chewbacca mask, along with $2,500 in Kohl’s gift cards and 10,000 points in its Yes2You loyalty reward program.”

According to Ad Age, the two viral videos increased the total engagement on the Kohl’s website by a tremendous amount. There is no surprise that the Chewbacca mask featured in the videos is now sold out on the website. Although many people online are reaching out to Kohl’s with inquiries about when the mask will return.

When I saw the video, I did think it was funny, but I do not personally think they should have given so much money in gift cards to the Payne family. The video, whether Kohl’s decided to reach out or not, was good publicity for both Kohl’s and the Star Wars franchise.   The continuous outreach from customers to the company serves as good publicity on social media, as well. From a PR perspective, the company did a good job in continuing to promote their brand and products.

But again, I do not think so much should have been given to the family. Kohl’s could have had a communications representative create a funny video in response to Payne’s, without giving away anything.

What do you think?

Source: AdAge Kohl’s Chewbacca Surprise Leads to Record Engagement

Weighing in on Gender Roles

For women, there seems to be many more beauty and societal standards than for men; especially for women in the public eye. For example, the Kardashian family has always been criticized for their weight, beauty and all other things seen to the world.

Robert Kardashian, the youngest brother of the Kardashian clan was previously MIA for his weight gain and mental health issues. The star was battling depression and he was also close to developing diabetes. For him, his sisters and the public pitied him.

On the other hand, when Kim Kardashian was pregnant for the second time last year, her pregnancy weight gain was picked apart by the media. She was thought to have gained too much weight during her pregnancy, despite carrying a child.


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I personally see these gender roles disgusting. How is it that a man can be pitied for his weight gain, but a woman is criticized? From a personal image and personal branding outlook, I think that the way both handled the negativity was well-done. They each kept to themselves and seemingly didn’t let it get to them.

As far as the websites and gossip magazines that judged mainly Kim, they need to work on a few things. It shouldn’t be okay for people to publicly discuss the weight gain of a woman, whether it is Kim Kardashian or another celebrity. This is a poor showcase of the publications publicity and extremely distasteful.

Going Braless to Support AIDS

Bella Hadid, 19-year-old American fashion model, strut her stuff earlier this month at the amfAR’s 23rd Cinema Against AIDS Gala. The model has been making headlines recently with her daring wear on and off the runway.

Although this gala was to support AIDS, when I read that Hadid went braless for a good cause, I thought it would be in support for breast cancer. I think overall what amfAR continues to do is amazing, but they should target fashion trends more towards the cause in order to showcase their ongoing support. For example, the color for the AIDS cause is red; therefore if the gala presented models in red clothing or having red accents, it would be more apparent that it is in support of AIDs.

From a PR standpoint, I think that fashion companies should continue to support causes like AIDS. When fashion models show support and wear daring outfits, it serves as good publicity to the public eye. Many people look up to these men and women, especially for fashion inspiration, therefore public support can be very beneficial in informing the public about important issues.


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Source: Yahoo’s Bella Hadid Goes Braless for a Good Cause

Calvin Klein Adding Another Explicit Ad to the Collection

Being a millennial, I am pretty familiar with sexually explicit and degrading advertisements. I am constantly disgusted with American Apparel ads, as well as designer brands, such as Tom Ford. Again, it is not new to come across an advertisement, usually for women’s products, that is full of sexual innuendos and displeasing images.

One company that has recently been called out by many on social media is Calvin Klein. The company has an ongoing “I _____ in #mycalvins” campaign featuring celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner. These advertisements fill in the blank on what each person does in their Calvins. The newest version of this campaign has turned heads more recently than their previous ads.

Consumers are upset over the fact that some of the newest CK advertisements hint at female masturbation and oral sex. While this campaign has generated a lot of buzz and publicity for the company, I don’t think it is the most positive. The backlash could partially be due to the fact that these topics are seen as taboo in the United States and should definitely not be promoted by a high-end fashion company.



I do want to give some credit to CK for being daring with their promotions, but I am utterly disgusted with the degrading advertisements. I think that the company should take that creative energy and pour it into a more effective and less-controversial campaign. What do you think about this campaign?

Source: USA Today’s Calvin Klein Uses Crotch Shot in New Ad and It’s Uncomfortable

The Road of Fashion Hitting a New Curve

Fashion has always been criticized for the use of skinny-mini models and exclusive sizing. As a young girl growing up in the 2000s, some of my beauty role models included Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan. While they stood out to me because of their talent, I always noticed that they were fairly thin, which eventually gave me the perception that I need to be also once I was a teenager.

I think that a lot of celebrities are continuously picked apart for their figure and brand in the public eye. Although it may be a personal choice to stay fit and thin, it can give young girls and women beauty standards they believe they should uphold.

Recently, Kim Kardashian has been seen to challenge body image boundaries in the fashion and entertainment industry. At the Met Gala earlier this week, she rocked a beautiful Balmain dress. The Balmain designer has set out to create more designer fashion that empowers women. While Kardashian-West may not be seen as a talented woman, she is an inspiring figure to look towards because she embraces her curvy body.



With fashion constantly changing, there was also recent discussion that “Fall 2016 Fashion Week confirms that other designers are joining in a more diverse celebration of women, no matter their weight, height, or waist-to-hip ratio.”

I am glad to see that there is now starting to be changes in the fashion industry and that we can expect to see more curvy-embracing fashion. In my opinion, I think this can be vital in helping your personal image. Yes, it is important to dress professionally, but it is also important to embrace what you have. I think with a more positive outlook on the fashion industry and body shapes, there can be more effort and power put into your personal brand and what you can accomplish professionally.

Source: Vogue’s Kanye West on Why Kim Kardashian West Is Breaking Body Image Boundaries

Marijuana Blazing a Fashionable Trail

In recent years, marijuana has been in a big topic of conversation in social and political discussions. While it is legal for recreational use in Washington State, Colorado and Oregon, it is still illegal everywhere else.

I was scrolling through Huffington Post’s business section online, when I came across an article about how the marijuana industry is making its impact on the fashion industry. Apparently the company entitled “PUFF PUFF PASS” is designing a new line to transform the “stoner” fashion. According to Huffington Business, PUFF PUFF PASS can be described as “[…] a luxury lifestyle brand rooted in the current modern youth culture celebrating the marijuana movement sweeping the US and the World.”


While I am all through self-expression, especially with fashion, I am not so sure on the idea of the marijuana culture intertwined with the fashion culture. From a PR perspective and looking at personal image and branding, I don’t think wearing this apparel can do you any good.

Yes, marijuana for recreational use is legal in Oregon, I don’t think you should visually showcase that you participate in those activities because you don’t know who you will run into or what this can say about you and your personal image.

I think it is a fuzzy line because since drugs are a touchy, controversial subject with anyone, it is best to stray away from wearing any apparel that is related. Some jobs are not okay with drug usage, even if legal, and this could interfere. Overall, I think for your personal image and branding, it is best to stay away from any marijuana-related clothing because it can give others an inaccurate representation of who you are and what you stand for.

Reference: Huffpost Business Fashion Feels the Burn